Use Of The Screening Bucket

Screeners with a properly selected machine can be used, among others:

  • in earth and construction works,
  • in garden works,
  • in demolition works,
  • for repairs, modernizations and construction of railway and tram tracks,
  • for melioration and leveling of rocky, green and industrial areas,
  • in recycling (sorting waste, rubbish, recovery of secondary raw materials),
  • in cleaning works (cleaning beaches, playgrounds, beach volleyball courts),
  • in paving works (works related to the preparation of the substrate and laying of cubes, slabs and curbs),
  • specialist engineering works, e.g. construction of sports facilities, sports fields, jogging paths, paddocks, backfilling of excavations, workings, oxbow lakes),
  • in the warehouses of aggregates, loose materials, decorative stones,
  • in gravel pits, quarries and mines,
  • sawmills, fuel yards, coal yards